Ample Sound Complete Bundle

Ample Sound Complete Bundle

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Ample Sound Complete Bundle

Bundle containing all Ample Sound Products

Ample Sound Complete Bundle includes all Ample Sound products (available at the time of the purchase). The bundle consists of acoustic & electric guitars, acoustic & electric basses, an Ethno Ukulele and Ample China Pipa & China Zheng - traditional Chinese instruments. You save up to 50% compared to buying all products one by one!

Included Products:

Ample China Pipa
Acoustic Guitars:

Ample Guitar L - AGL
Ample Guitar M - AGM
Ample Guitar T - AGT
Ethno Ukulele - AEU
Ample Guitar 12 - AG12
Ample Guitar SJ - AGSJ
Electric Guitars:

Ample Guitar P - AGP
Ample Guitar F - AGF
Ample Guitar G - AGG
Ample Metal E - AME
Ample Guitar TC - AGTC
Ample Guitar H - AGH
Ample Metal Hellrazer - AMH
Ample Guitar VC - AGVC

Ample Bass JF - ABJF
Ample Bass J - ABJ
Ample Bass P - ABP
Ample Bass Metal Ray5 - AMR
Ample Bass A - ABA
Ample Bass U - AMU
Ample Bass Y - ABY

AAX native, AU, Mac, Standalone, VST, Win

1449€ = 10776,-

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5. february 2021